Cosmetic OEM/ODM
Our company provides customers with services from development and production to delivery.
Network marketing
With continued challenge and innovation, we will become a global company with a worldwide presence that creates a new world with our customers.
Promotional Video

You can watch news from Hyunsung C&I, a company that creates values and proposes new visions for customers

Certificate / patent

Hyunsung C&I affiliates’ certifications and patents

Ethical management

By providing products and services that increase customers’ quality of life, as well as forming trust and pride with all interested parties and conducting business honestly and transparently, Hyunsung C&I will establish itself as a proud global company.

Sharing management

Rather than pursuing immediate benefits, we strive to make communal and value-innovating developments, based on which we realize our social responsibility of helping the humanity coexist in prosperity.

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Hyunsung creates a healthy and beautiful lifestyle for customers by pursuing innovation and meeting the challenges resulting from market changes.

CEO : Kim Bong-jun